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Gogigui literally “meat + roasting”, or Korean barbecue refers to the Korean method of roasting beef, pork, chicken, or other types of meat. Such dishes are often prepared at the diner’s table on ventilated gas or charcoal grills that are built into the table itself. Some Korean restaurants that do not have ventilated built-in grills provide portable stoves for diners to use at their tables.

The most representative form of gogigui is bulgogi usually made from thickly sliced beef sirloin or tenderloin. Another popular form of it is galbi made from marinated beef short ribs. However, gogigui also includes many other kinds of marinated and non-marinated meat dishes, and can be divided into several categories. Korean barbecue is not only popular among Koreans, but has gained popularity internationally.

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BBQ’s are always popular and normally held outside but “all you can eat” Korean barbecue restaurants have become very popular in the UK. It is essential that Korean BBQ ventilation systems are installed in your restaurant for diner safety.

Lunch prices generally range from about £10 to £20 per adult. These places usually provide a menu of meats that usually feature a variety of thinly sliced meats such as chadol (beef brisket) as well as the traditional bulgogo and Galbi. Many people use these restaurants as social meeting places where they can enjoy food, long conversations, and soju, a native Korean distilled beverage

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