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Fan Cleaning

The maintenance of commercial kitchen fans is essential to the health and safety of employees and will save time and money on repairs and replacements. Fans that are not serviced and cleaned annually are more likely to fail, invalidating the manufacturers guarantee.

Possible problems

Motors can run too hot if covered in grease and grime.
Fan performance can be reduced by one third due to build up of grease and grime on fan blades causing vibration, fatigue and failure.
Duct fires can be reduced by regular cleaning which slows down the build up of grease and grime

Due to the inherent danger of cleaning electrical equipment, ensure that power has been removed before commencing and that manufacturers safety instructions are followed. If in doubt, obtain the services of a qualified electrician.


Scrape worst of grease from motor housing, and fan blades.
Clean housing and blades with mild detergent solution (do not use aggressive    solvent cleaning agents) to remove remaining grease taking care not to damage fan blades.
Never use pressure washers, steam cleaners or caustic cleaning agents as they may penetrate into windings and bearings drastically reducing the life of the fan equipment.
Removal of fans before cleaning must be avoided unless the correct equipment is used by qualified repair technicians.

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