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Smoki Smoke Abatement Extraction Units


Solid fuel cooking appliances such as wood fired pizza ovens and charcoal barbecues are becoming extremely popular all over the UK specifically London. Restaurants want to stand out from their competition by cooking with interesting appliances that often become the centre piece of the restaurant. They create authentic flavours and add some theatre to the restaurant kitchen.

Standard extraction fan units and extraction canopies are not suitable to provide adequate and safe ventilation to solid fuel appliances within the kitchen and restaurant area. Often standard fan units are only manufactured to operate at a temperature of around 50 degrees C. Standard extraction fan units will not operate efficiently or for a suitable length of time. Solid fuel cooking appliances such as wood fired pizza ovens often have a flue temperature of approximately 120-200 degrees C. This is far too hot for a standard fan installation.

The solution is often to install a Smoki smoke abatement extraction unit.

A smoke abatement extract unit is often suitable for all solid fuel and wood fired clay pizza ovens. A typical installation would consist of twin lined stainless steel flue, extending from the pizza oven flue outlet (typically 200mm diameter), the twin line flue will extend into the Smoki smoke abatement extraction unit and will extend to the outside, similar to a standard duct installation.

A smoke abatement unit lowers the temperature of the extracted air from the solid fuel appliance (e.g. pizza oven). It does this by spraying a very fine water mist into the extract air stream. These Smoki extraction units can be fitted with a built in fan unit that provides the required adequate extract flow rate to suit the appliance.

Smoki smoke units also remove the majority of the smoke and some odour created by the solid fuel appliance’s cooking process. By installing the Smoki solution it will help you with your planning application process and will satisfy all local authority safety checks and regulations.

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