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Ventilation System Design

What do you need for your Restaurant and takeaway ventilation systems?

Canopies and Ducting
Ventilation system design

is very important and should be given some thought. All restaurants require ducting and canopies with filters to filter odours and grease laden vapours but there are other considerations. Some ovens like wood fired pizza ovens produce great heat and these ovens require special double skinned insulated ducting to contain the heat and prevent fires.

Extraction and Fresh Air
Extraction fans are required to pull the air through the filters in the hood and depending on the amount of air being extracted, a separate fresh air fan system (make-up air) may be required to replace the air being extracted. Fresh air systems pull air into the building and like extraction systems, may be situated either on an outside wall or on the roof.

Gas Interlock.
Gas interlock systems are also required to ensure that the gas supply to ovens etc. is only allowed if the fans are on and working.

The following websites may be of help:

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Kitchen Exhausts

The option to lease is tailor made for limited companies wishing to setup a restaurant or takeaway and has many benefits. It is possible to spread the cost of purchase and installation of new kitchen canopies, ducting, extraction, interlock systems, and other kitchen equipment over 5 years thus reducing the initial start-up costs of the business. Another benefit of leasing is the ability to add a fire suppression system into the initial leasing contract which would reduce the costs of insurance.</span.

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Fire Suppression Systems
When a kitchen has been damaged or destroyed by fire, it is not unusual for the premises to never open again especially if the fabric of the building has been damaged. The high street chains are aware of this and install fire suppression systems because they are cheaper than paying insurance premiums for loss of earnings and staff wages. We supply and install Fire suppression systems in all types of premises. For a free survey please contact us on the number below.

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