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Hood Accessories

Hood Accessories

Stainless steel wall cladding

Quality grade stainless steel in commercial kitchen environments is essential behind and adjacent to grills, ovens and hotplates, or anywhere that equipment may give off heat outside the parameters of PVCu cladding (60 degrees)

Fan Controllers

Seasonal changes in temperature mean that you won’t always need to run your extractor fans at full speed. Fans and Ventilation offer fan speed controllers that will help you balance the intake and extraction rates in your kitchen.

Odour reduction systems: Activated Carbon; Ozone

Guidance on the Control of Odour and
Noise from Commercial Kitchen Exhaust

Noise reduction systems:

Sound Attenuators:

Silencers for flanged axial flow fans are available in two lengths denoted by either 1D(length = diameter) or 2D(length = 2 x diameter) in the product code. Each length is then identified by the inclusion in the product code of ‘P’ for podded or ‘NP’ for unpadded versions.

When selecting the appropriate silencer, account needs to be taken of both the level of sound reduction achieved and, in the case of a podded silencer, the additional pressure drop in the system which needs to be overcome by the fan.

For sound, deducting the appropriate ‘dBA Attenuation’ figure from the ‘dBA @ 3m’ figure in the relevant fan performance table gives a combined ‘dBA @ 3m’ figure for the fan and silencer combination.
For pressure, the ‘ΔP’ figure should be added to the pre-attenuation pressure requirement before selecting the appropriate fan. This may well result in a need to select a different fan!

Anti-vibration mountings and connections

Supplied as a set of 4, complete with fixings, Anti-vibration mounts fit directly to mounting feet made from rubber with steel inserts.

Flexible Connectors

PVC coated polyester, supplied with plated steel band fixings. Fit to matching flanges to provide flexible connection. Alternative materials available to order.

Extraction ducts and ventilation systems

We design and install extraction systems for all types of building environments, ensuring cleaner air in your working environment preventing odours, reducing health and fire risks and improving hygiene. We provide the following services:

Commercial and Industrial ventilation systems
Kitchen Extraction Systems
Stainless steel bespoke canopies design and installation.
Toilet and washroom extraction
Service and repair
Contract maintenance
Fans and Filters replacement.

Canopy Lighting:

         Vapour proof lamps

Stainless Steel Baffle Filters and Mesh Filters

        Baffle Filters

The main function of a Baffle Filter is to seperate grease from the air being extracted which also reduces the risk of fire in the kitchen and acts as a barrier should flame reach the extraction canopy.
The Baffle Filter accomplishes this through its design of interlocking baffles which provide a turning route for the passage of air through the filter by creating two acute air direction changes. The grease droplets, having a far greater inertial force than air, impact the baffles ‘blades’ and stick to the steel.

Mesh Filters

These high quality Metal Grease Filters are used on those Kitchen Extract Systems where functionality and economics are paramount and where the grease load is relatively low
Grease is collected in the Wire Mesh Media and with regular cleaning – at least once a week – will last many years

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